Using Science to Halt Deforestation

Learn how to help World Forest ID identify and catalog plant samples to combat illegal logging and halt deforestation.

What is World Forest ID?

A global library of plant samples and methods of analysis that allows organizations to determine if wood and agricultural plants used within products are sourced from the locations claimed. All supply chains and certification schemes are open to abuse, by enabling the origin of finished products to be tested, World Forest ID is revolutionizing the way we tackle illegal logging and deforestation.

How Does World Forest ID Work?

State-of-the-art technologies now make it possible to use the chemical information contained in plants to identify the species and origin of a product—all with just a small sliver of wood. The biggest hurdle to using these technologies has been the lack of available chemical and anatomical reference datasets from around the world, which could be used as a global reference map with which to match products to the origin from where they were grown.

How Can You Participate?

By taking the courses offered here, you can receive a certificate of completion to be a World Forest ID Collector or Expedition Leader. If you are interested in learning more about the science behind World Forest ID, you can also take our background course that explains how each of the technologies work and are used.

Before you begin…

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Behind World Forest ID is a coalition of leading organizations and institutions within sustainable forest management, forensic sciences and wood sample collections.