For collectors

The World Forest ID project is only successful because we are fortunate to have skilled people around the world helping us gather samples, using the protocol and sample collection method developed by this project.

We would like to extend our largest gratetude for everyone involved!


Thank you for being part of World Forest ID and for taking the time to collect samples!

We know this will take a bit of your time and are grateful for every minute you spend helping us protects forests worldwide. 

To make the collection easier for you, we provide you with an app tool for collection and clear guidelines for collecting samples. 

Find the app here:

Get it on Google Play


All samples for the World Forest ID project must be collected by independent third party collectors and everyone who gathers samples must be trained in the WFID protocol before starting to gather samples.

This is how we ensure the integrity of all samples collected and how we ensure that samples do not go to waste due to incorrect handling of the timber. (As an example incorrectly packed samples risk to mould during transport and quarantines and if they do, they cannot used for the project anymore, making the collectors hard work a waste of time.)

If you are interested in becoming a collector and represent e.g. an NGO, a certification companies or a similar independent entity, please get in touch with us at

If you a forest owner or represent a company sourcing forest based products and you would like to get samples collected from a specific area, read more here.


Collectors and researchers working with the data from already collected samples can access the map of samples collected here:

To access the overview you will need a login provided through the WFID team. The information is placed behind secure login to protect the valuable species sampled in forests around the world. We wouldn’t want to give people with bad intentions a treasure map of where to go find high-value trees and cut them down illegally.

If you need access to the overview and are a trained and verified collector or researcher, please reach out to us at and will we help you get access.